Affordable Lash Lift Training

Eyelash lifts are the latest rage in beauty. They are taking over lash extensions and for some good reasons. They are a lot less expensive, they involve less of a process to obtain and they last. If you are a beauty professional, you will want to have the ability to provide lash lift and tint services so go to this website, where you can learn this now-essential beauty treatment to women.

What are lash lifts? They are like permanents for eyelashes. Lashes are coated with a keratin treatment and then curled upwards in a semipermanent position. Lifts are also referred to as permanents. The main difference in terminology relates to the type of curl the client chooses.

The treatments can last up to 12 weeks. That means 12 weeks of beautiful, fuller, thicker looking curled lashes that do not require the use of mascara. In fact, any client that chooses to can forgo using mascara indefinitely. They simply need to return to their favorite lash lift and tint salon to get a reapplication every few months.

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Lash lifts can also involve a tinting process. This is where the lashes get dyed a different color. The entire process is safe and relatively quick. Even with the tinting, a lash lift treatment takes just over an hour. Many women are sensitive to the glue used in extensions but with these treatments, there are no harsh chemicals.

The treatments cost about $100 less than extensions and the results are incredible. This is a simple and inexpensive way to bring in new clients to your salon and offer more services on your lash service menu.

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Courses are available to learn how to do full lash lift treatments. They are often done with video training and just one in-person session. You will learn how to do the treatment, how to consult with clients and how to handle any issues. You also learn how to help the client with all aftercare.

If you choose a video course, you can buy the full class online and download or view the videos as soon as you buy them. You can take the courses at your own pace. Once you have enough training, you can send photos of your first few clients to your school. If they are evaluated successfully, you obtain a certificate and can start offering this trendy service to clients in your salon.

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