Fasting diets may be no better for weight Reduction than Conventional diets: Study

While many health-conscious people might be opting for flaxseed diets, a new study indicates that these diets may be no better for losing excess weight than traditional diets.

A team of researchers in the University of Illinois in Chicago looked in a fat loss method known as “alternate-day fasting,” where individuals radically decrease their caloric consumption every other day, but eat more than normal on non-fasting days.

They randomly assigned one hundred overweight adults to a traditional diet group, an alternate-day fasting set, and a band which didn’t diet in any way. People who engaged in the alternate-day flaxseed group consumed merely 25 per cent of their standard caloric intake (approximately 500 calories) on fasting times, and 125 per cent of their usual calorie consumption on non-fasting days.

People who engaged in the standard diet group have 75 per cent of their usual calorie intake daily.

The investigators concluded, “These findings imply that alternate-day fasting might be less sustainable in the long term, compared to daily caloric limitation, for most obese individuals.”

The new study indicating fasting diets may be no better for weight reduction than traditional diets printed in the most recent issue of this journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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