Examples Of Passion

If you look at people who are truly happy in their jobs – and in life – you will find that they are shining examples of passion turned into a career. They took the idea of ‘if you do what you love then you will never have to work a day in your life’ and turned it into their mantra.

Many people find a hobby in something such as sewing, sports, fashion, books or collecting – and then turn it into a career – making money by sharing their hobby with others. Examples of passion turned into a job include sports coaching, fashion design, and even things like starting micro-breweries or local pubs.

Community businesses are becoming more commonplace now – wouldn’t it be amazing if you could save your local pub – keep people employed – and enjoy running it while paying your own bills too?

When you make your passion a tool for making money, you should, in theory, find that you look forward to going to work and that you don’t feel dragged down by the usual stresses. Your career satisfaction is higher, and you don’t need to worry about work-life balance in the way that someone over-stressed and under-paid might feel. It can backfire, though – sometimes people feel like they’re burning out, and they lose interest in their hobby. It would be unfortunate if you got so involved in your new business that you lost an outlet for fun. Think carefully about taking on too many commitments – and make sure that you have other outlets – so that burnout isn’t a real fear for you.

Useful information from liveworklead.com – Look at jobs that are on the outskirts of your hobby, too – so that you can still find pleasure in the ‘doing’, but get the satisfaction of working with what you love.

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