Elizabeth Hurley Rocks Hot Bikini Body In 50: Liz’s Diet, Weight Loss, Beauty And Workout Tips

liz hurley bikini diet

Elizabeth Hurley showed her off body within her own bikini line. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Elizabeth Hurley flaunted her match bikini body on Instagram sporting designs from her own bikini line.

In 50, Hurley is still super-fit, thanks to an organic diet and regular workouts which include Pilates, yoga and jogging, as Celebrity Health Fitness has now reported.

Liz admits she doesn’t like to use, but is busy daily to remain healthy.

“I really don’t do a great deal of set exercise, but I am very busy and run all day,” Hurley told Healthy living. “I try to run, though I hate running. I love yoga and Pilates, but don’t do them regularly. I am extremely busy, though, and don’t sit for long.”

Yoga is promotes natural weight loss by decreasing pressure, building lean muscles and curbing appetite, ” said Christina Brown, writer of this Yoga Bible.


Liz Hurley’s bikini body fitness secrets are an organic diet, portion control, yoga and Pilates. (Photo: ElizabethHurley.com, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Elizabeth said her weight loss secret is a portion-controlled, organic diet that limits alcohol and processed foods.

“In my jeans feel tight I’d try to cut back a little, and should I remain home in the night I will eat a very light dinner,” said Hurley. “I seldom skip breakfast and always eat lunch but the milder my day meal, the more better. I eat quite normally but prevent junk and processed foods.

Elizabeth included: “A nutritious diet will block you from feeling run-down if, like me, you’re super-stressed. I have my own organic farm so [I] consume just my own meat and vegetables.”

Elizabeth Hurley’s anti-aging beauty secrets comprise a great deal of sleep, a healthy diet plan and Estee Lauder lotions. (Photo: Facebook, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Hurley said her anti-aging beauty secrets comprise a lot of sleep and cautious skincare.

“If I had to opt for any Estee Lauder product, I would have to choose the Advanced Night Repair,” Liz told Harper’s Bazaar. “it is a phenomenal lotion. It is fantastic.”


Elizabeth Hurley Rocks Hot Bikini Body In 50: Liz’s Diet, Weight Loss, Beauty And Workout Tips

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