Best 3 Low Carb Diets for Ultra Fast Weight Loss

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Top 3 Low Carb Diets for Ultra Quick Weight Reduction

Low carb diets work by absorbing carbohydrates while at precisely the exact same time you raise you fat and proteins. The concept of this diet trend is that high glycemic index carbohydrates promote weight gain by increasing the excretion of this “fat hormone” insulin.

Low carb diets thus work by reducing the amounts of insulin into your blood because of decreased consumption of carbohydrates generally. Another manner such diets work is by reducing the total calorie consumption because of carbohydrate elimination. This may be up to 30 percent or even more of total daily calories consumed.You will see below a few of their most famous low carbohydrate diets.

1. Atkins Diet

  1. Period 1 is the introduction period wherever your entire body needs to adapt to very low carbohydrate intake. This occurs by consuming only 20 grams of carbohydrates each day in the form of veggies such as carrots, celery, radish, leek, cucumber, white radish, endive, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, celery, radicchio Romaine lettuce and similar. Of course in this first phase you’re able to consume foods full of fat and proteins.
  2. In Phase 2 of this Atkins Diet that the aim is continuing weight loss. In this stage you add 5 grams of carbohydrates every week till you stop burning fat. This phase lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months.
  3. Phase 3 is called “Pre-Maintenance”. Within this stage you add 10 grams of carbohydrates per week till you lose less than a pound of fat per week. The aim is to discover the ideal weight of your body that you will sustain for the rest of your life by entering the last phase of the Atkins diet plan.
  4. Phase 4 is that the previous phase is and it is called the Lifelong Maintenance phase. As you can tell by the name of the point you now have reached your ideal weight level. All that’s left today is to stick to the basic principles of the Atkins diet and also remain within precisely the exact same weight range for the rest of your life.

To find out more regarding this diet you are able to check out my where you can find a comprehensive article series on exactly what foods to eat and when to consume them.

2. Montignac Diet

This diet fights the phenomenon of “hyperglycemia” that happens when a quick increase of sugar in the blood is produced by the use of high glycemic index carbohydrates. This vicious cycle has been done by the subsequent increase of insulin (hyperinsulinemia) in your blood that promotes fat storage within your body.

The major difference between the diet and the Atkins diet plan is that in the Montignac diet that you struggle the insulin secretion maybe not by lowering your carbohydrate intake at extremely low quantities but by absorbing carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. The Montignac diet plan is consisted of by 2 stages:

  1. Montignac diet period 1. At this phase you adapt to new healthy eating habits such as the consumption of “good” carbohydrates with a glycemic index of 35 and reduced.
  2. Montignac diet Phase 2: weight maintenance. After finishing the initial stage you now have a stabilized weight. In the second phase you’ll stick to a less strict version of the very first phase for the rest of your life to be able to remain within healthful weight limits.

3. South Beach Diet

  1. The South Beach diet first phase is a two week period in which you fully limit your consumption of high glycemic index carbohydrates. This phase is excellent for people that need to eliminate a whole lot of weight in short amounts of time.
  2. Second Phase of South Beach Diet — Continuous Weight Reduction. Within this stage you lose weight constantly and for a longer duration although less fast. It’s not as strict as the very first phase since it is possible to include more “good” carbohydrates.
  3. Third Phase of South Beach Diet — Lifetime Maintenance. When you reach this phase you are pretty much set for life by simply following a few simple supplements. This is the reason why this stage looks more like a “lifestyle” choice compared to a diet program.

Final ideas

Now you know exactly how that the “low carbohydrate” diet system functions and what to do should you decide to stick to this famed approach. It’s possible to just pick one of the main few options I have mentioned that best matches you and start changing your life right now! So what are you going to do?

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